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Batteries For Your Ford

Get the right battery for your vehicle with a Ford approved battery with OE Specifications and 24 month warranty.
Today’s cars, bakkies and SUVs are loaded with technology. Add even more technology with the phones, tablets and laptops that we bring into our vehicles, and it’s more important than ever to ensure your battery is always operating at peak performance. At Ford Service, we know exactly what battery is needed for your specific vehicle and can help guide you through what can be a somewhat complex process. Plus, each Ford® battery we install features the latest technologies in design and engineering. They provide dependable power to today’s high-technology vehicles across a wide range of conditions.

When do I need a new battery?

Like all parts, batteries run their course. Most will last up to five years, depending on conditions and how often you drive. Signs of an aging battery include an audible slow crank when you attempt to start the engine, a lit check engine/battery light or the strange odour of rotten eggs. You can schedule a complimentary computerized battery test at Nelspruit Ford with our factory-trained experts.

Replacing your car battery tips

  • Be careful not to connect the positive cable to the negative cable and vice versa as this could cause damage to your vehicle.
  • Make sure you don’t touch the opposite end of the jumper cable while connecting the other end to the second battery.
  • Once your vehicle has been jump-started, allow the vehicle to run for a few minutes so that the battery has time to charge. If you can’t start your vehicle later, after jump-starting, it is likely that there is a problem with the battery or the charging system of the vehicle that will need to be attended to by an authorised Ford dealer.

Longer life and better fuel efficiency with OEM

  • Battery Monitoring System is an integral part of the vehicle’s electronics, which predicts the battery life and maintains it in good operational condition.
  • Battery Monitoring System works to efficiently manage electrical loads & improve fuel efficiency.
  • The Ford Enhanced Flooded Battery range is the only authorised battery for your Ford and is designed specifically to perform with Ford Battery Monitoring System technology.
  • Using an unauthorised battery on your Ford could alter the Battery Monitoring System configuration, leading to premature failure of your battery and could also affect the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

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