Tracks4africa Now On Ford’s Navigation Systems

Tracks4africa Now On Ford’s Navigation Systems

Exciting news for overland travellers is that Tracks4Africa maps are now included as a standard map in the new Ford South Africa range of vehicles which are fitted with the SYNC 3 navigation system. The Ford Ranger (one of SA’s top selling vehicles) and Everest models were recently upgraded with the SYNC 3 system.

Johann Groenewald, Managing Director of T4A, is very excited about this development since it has been in the pipeline for some time. “Ford approached us two years ago about the possibility of including our maps into their in-car navigation system and early last year I was involved in testing our map on their system. After a few small tweaks from our side Ford went ahead with production and they have now included our map in their SYNC 3 system.”

The SYNC 3 system. (Photo: Quickpic)

This map display is a little different from the Tracks4Africa GPS map, but the exact same data is used for the SYNC 3 map.  The Tracks4Africa GPS map is updated twice a year, in May and October, but the SYNC 3 updates won’t necessarily coincide with these dates as it is likely that the SYNC 3 maps will be updated yearly by Ford and their navigation service provider, who also determine in which vehicles it is installed.

Johann stressed the fact that, as with other factory fitted navigation systems, this system is a Ford vehicle part that can only be supplied and serviced by a Ford dealership and not by Tracks4Africa. Customers with queries about the map or navigation system should contact Ford directly.

Other automotive navigation systems using Tracks4Africa maps

  • In 2014 Land Rover included Tracks4Africa on their in-car entertainment system which was fitted into Land Rover Discovery models.
  • Tracks4Africa maps are compatible with certain Caska after-market entertainment systems. These are supplied by Planet Electronics.

All these systems work with the iGo navigation software which is the same as that used by the Tracks4Africa Overland Navigator App, available for Android and Apple devices.

The Tracks4Africa Overland Navigator App.

Map features

The Tracks4Africa map represents data compiled over more than a decade by thousands of serious overland adventurers who have recorded their route on a GPS device. Their tracks are validated against those of other users who have driven the same routes before being incorporated into the map.

Currently the map includes:

  • More than 1,1 million km of fully navigable roads, covering the whole of Africa
  • Close to 4 000 campsites (the most complete camping data base in Africa)
  • More than 155 000 points of interest
  • 1 452 protected areas such as national parks and game reserves
  • Over 13 000 accommodation listings
  • 10 562 fuel stops
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